Invite "Babe Ruth" to your next public event!

Babe Ruth impersonator, Steve Folven with his uncanny resemblance to The Babe, enjoys entertaining baseball fans. Appearing at baseball fields, charities, card shows and numerous events in the Boston and New York areas over the past years, Steve as the historic Yankee creates quite the attraction, posing for photos with people of all ages. With a lifelong passion for baseball Steve makes the Babe come to life. Background

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 Everyone Loves The Babe

Since beginning his role as The Babe, Steve Folven has been photographed with many New England and national celebrities such as Yogi, Pete Rose and Leigh Montville, author of the recently published Babe Ruth biograhy, "The Big Bam." Be sure to visit the Babe and Friends Gallery to see "the Babe" meet and greet some surprising personalities as well as some really happy fans!

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