More Appearances as "The Babe"

Negro League Player

Harmon Killerbrew

Date: April 18, 2009
Event: Honored guest at Bar Mitzvah
Location: Latham, New York
Appeared as the Babe to entertain guests. Fun photos and "autographs" were part of the festivities. Held at The All Star Academy.
Contact name: Mary Cox

Date: August 13, 2008
Event: East Coast National Card Show / Charity Raffle
Location: Westchester Country Club, White Plains, NY
Invited to promote the charity raffle of a Babe Ruth 1933 baseball card. The Babe selected the winning ticket for the event to benefit the Foundation for Sight and Sound. In addition to posing with fans, the Babe also engaged in a Hall of Fame Roundtable discussion with Hall of Fame members Robin Roberts and Jim Palmer. More photos
Contact person: Jim of JP Sports / Rock Solid Promotions

Date:  August 15, 2007
Event:  Old Time Baseball Game
Location:  St. Peter’s Field, Cambridge, Mass.
Description:  At the Oldtime Baseball Game, “the Babe” mingled with players and fans, had his picture taken with former Red Sox players, Stan Dalton Jones and George Thomas, who were members of the 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox. Fans were able to take a picture with “the Babe” and get his autograph.
Contact Person:  Steve Buckley, sportswriter for the Boston Globe, John Goode, assistant media director for the Lowell Spinners. Boston Globe Photo

Date:  July 14, 2007
Event:  Thompson International Speedway
Location:  Thompson International Speedway, Thompson, CT
Description:  Performed as “the Babe, mingling and taking pictures with fans over the course of Ten races. Over 5000 people attended the event. Contact Person: Steve Rubin, concessions director

Date:  June 23 and 24, 2007 from 2pm Saturday to 8am Sunday
Event:  Relay for Life 2007
Location:  The New Exeter High School, Exeter, NH
Description:  The relay is a celebration of Cancer Survivorship. The Relay for Life is a family oriented event where participants walk or run on a track relay-style for 18 hours. Teams of 8 to 15 people take turns walking or running around the track. Most teams camp out, cook out, and catch some sleep at their campsite for this overnight event. During the Relay for Life cancer survivors and care givers receive special recognition. Steve Folven as “the Babe” walked 4 miles and also raised money as walkers paid $5 per person for pictures with “the Babe”.
Contact Person:  Renee Estey

Date:  June 3, 2007 from 9am to 5pm
Event:  Eddie Andelman's Hot Dog Safari
Location:  Suffolk Downs Race Track, East Boston, MA.
The Hot Dog Safari, created by the godfather of sports radio, Eddie Andelman, in 1990 unites sports fans and hot dogs to raise money for finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Now in its eighteenth year, the continues to draw crowds and raise money for the cause.
Appearance included:

  • Morning radio appearance on 1510 AM with Eddie Andelman engaging in hilarious discussion about the eating habits of “the Babe” and his views on modern ball players.
  • Television appearance on CN8  with Boston comedian, Steve Sweeney. The segment was billed as “The Babe and His Babes”, featuring “the Babe” and three “hot” young women who loved hot dogs and the Babe.
  • Greeting the crowed as they came through the gates. Many pictures taken by families with “the Babe” (all free).
  • Was one of the judges for the Hot Dog Eating Contest.
  • Photographed with the winner of the third race in the winner’s circle.

Contact Persons: Hot Dog Safari Event Coordinator, Anthony Pepe, and Bill McCalgon, Sports Director at CN8. More info.

Date:  May 19, 2007
Event:  2nd Annual Red Sox Fans vs. Yankee Fans Charity Softball Game
Location:  Tewksbury Elks 777, South Street, Tewksbury, Mass. 01876
Description:  Charity softball game played between two teams from the area softball league to raise money for the jimmy fund.
Teams were dressed in Yankee and Red Sox Uniforms. “The Babe” threw out the first ball, coached at 3rd base, signed autographs, had pictures taken with fans.
Contact Person:  Bobby Cooper, event organizer. 978-505-0077 More info.

Date:  September 10, 2006
Event:  Friends of Shedd Park Fund Raiser
Location:  Shedd Park, Lowell, MA
Description:  Charitable event held by local citizens to raise money for the restoration of Shedd Park in Lowell, Mass. Local politicians, along with Babe Ruth, were dunked by kids and adults. “Dunk the Babe” was the theme, and money was raised as folks dunked a “hated Yankee”.

Date:  September 8th, 2006
Event:  The Great Writers Series featuring Leigh Montville, author of "The Big Bam”
Location:  The Crown Royal room at Fenway Park, Boston MA
Description:  The event was held to provide a forum for Leigh Montville to speak and introduce  his latest book, “The Big Bam The Life and Times of Babe Ruth”. Formerly a writer for the Boston Globe and Sports Illustrated, Montville is the author of some of the best baseball books on the shelves.
Attendees received an autographed copy of “The Big Bam” and were photographed with Steve as “the Babe” and the 2004 World Series Trophy.
More info.

Contacts:  Dr. Charles Steinberg, principle official of Red Sox public affairs and charities and George Metronick, chairman of the Great Fenway Park Writers Series.
See the Gallery for more great photos

Date: June 2006 from 12 noon to 2 pm
Event:  Book Signing by Leigh Montville, author of “The Big Bam”
Location: Paperback Booksmith, Wellesley, Mass.
Description:  Leigh Montville, Sports Illustrated writer and author of the book “The Big Bam” the biography of Babe Ruth, gave a 30 minute talk about his book. During the talk he took questions from the audience. The audience included Steve Folver as Babe Ruth. The Babe asked several interesting and informative questions. After the talk Leigh autographed copies of his took and took several pictures with “the Babe”. Several audience members also took pictures of “the Babe”. See the Gallery for photos

Date:  August 2005
Event:  Tour of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Location:  Cooperstown, NY
Description: Visited the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame Museum. Personally took pictures of “the Babe” next to the original Babe Ruth locker. Also took picture of “the Babe” and Babe statue. See the Gallery for photos

Date:  April 2005
Event: Minor League baseball game between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.
Location:  Cashman Field, Las Vegas, Nevada
Description:  Mingling with the crowd dressed as “the Babe” I signed autographs for a Little League Team  and had pictures taken with fans. I was also photographed and interviewed by reporter from Las Vegas Sun which appeared in the paper the next day. See the Gallery for photos